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At Oregon Center for Functional Medicine, we’re all about root cause resolution… digging deep into what causes your disease. Start your journey to health today with our unique functional and lifestyle medicine program.

Why Oregon Center for Functional Medicine?

Too often, people think of “wellness” in temporary terms. They take short-term medications or make temporary lifestyle changes, but often fall back to unhealthy routines once they are left to fend for themselves.

After years of seeing this happen to patients, Krista Espenship wanted to open a clinic that not only helped patients improve their health and wellness, but also give them the tools to continue their progress into the future.

What Makes Us Different Than Other Health Clinics?

Oregon Center for Functional Medicine is committed to listening to your history, learning about you and your goals, and using this information to find the best pathway to achieving and maintaining health.

Our Unique Approach to Improving Your Gut Health

Oregon Center for Functional Medicine brings decades of experienced healthcare through it’s unique and effective care and proactively seeks the latest research to share with our patients.

Our Philosophy On Functional Medicine

The concept of “functional medicine” is prioritized at the Oregon Center for Functional Medicine. Uncovering the hidden reasons why you don’t feel well and working together to achieve your wellness goals are our priority.

Hay Fever And Gut Health

What does gut health have to do with hay fever or seasonal allergies? Probably a good deal more than you might think. Allergies and hay fever are an inappropriate defensive response to pollen and other substances. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, "Besides being...

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What Is SIBO?

If you are treating your leaky gut by following the 4 Rs and you're not seeing much progress, it could be that you're dealing with SIBO - small intestine bacterial overgrowth. SIBO (pronounced SEE-bo) is one of the causes of leaky gut, but the two vary a bit when it...

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Modern Agriculture And Its Effect On Gut Health

If you've done much research on gut health, you already know that antibiotics, even when prescribed and used correctly, can really do a number on your digestive health. While they're killing off the pathogens they were meant to eliminate, antibiotics also rid your...

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Foods To Add And Avoid To Boost Your Immune System

A number of foods have been found to benefit the immune system. One group of foods is thought to reduce inflammation in the body, leading to less wear and tear on all your bodily systems, including your immune system: anti-inflammatory foods, which are thought to...

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