I spent the last many years of my life enduring pain and anxiety related to irritable gut syndrome. Traditional approaches were of no help. I heard of Krista Espenship at the Oregon Center for Functional Medicine and contacted her. Through her approach, which treats underlying issues and not merely symptoms, I have made life-changing progress. My anxiety and pain levels have dropped dramatically, and I now feel like a normal human being again. Krista has guided me through changing my eating habits and re-thinking the importance of proper nutrition. These changes have become permanent, a part of my life-style. She is an expert in this field and uses her knowledge, empathy, and support to assist her patients in the achievement of their goals. She also knows how to listen. I recommend her without qualification.

Norm Wyers, Ph.D

I was diagnosed with UC in March of 2020. My regular doctor said I would be on medications the rest of my life. He wasn’t willing to discuss my history with SIBO and yeast overgrowth as a factor nor would did he feel some major life stresses as a contributor to this new diagnosis. I was 47 and had 3 colonoscopies already. So I found Krista – we did additional testing and found some contributing factors. Through treatment, diet and some other changes I am doing great! I really appreciate how Krista listens to me and she works hard to come up with solutions that fit within my goals and needs. Plus – I am off my traditional meds.

Monique Tindall